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Custom Computer Software

We want to help your organization tap the true potential of the Internet.  We can provide well-behaved, easy-to-use and easy to maintain Internet based software solutions.   If you need a unique program for the Internet, Custom Computer Software is just a click away.  Tell us what you need and we can make it happen.  Send us your specifications for a fixed price quote.  Visit our Services and Contact pages for more information.

Orange County School Board

In 2007, Jim Hopkins was first elected to represent District V on the Orange County School Board.  Mr. Hopkins was reelected to serve an additional four year term in November 2015.   District V includes most of the Lake of the Woods subdivision (3,800 homes) plus approximately 50 homes adjacent to the subdivision.  In order to keep the residents of District V informed, Jim has devoted a portion of this website to report on School Board issues.

Reports to Lake of the Woods Board of Directors

On May 4, 2019, Mr. Hopkins gave a short verbal report to the Lake of the Woods' Board of Directors.

Connecting our Schools with Fiber Optic Cables

The video below is a May 2018 update on the following project:  In July 2017, the Orange County Public Schools was awarded a million dollar federal grant to install 38 miles of buried fiber optic lines to connect all of our schools.  This grant will permit the school system to partner with the Orange County Broadband Authority to bring reliable high-speed broadband services to homes and businesses in Orange County. 

A Career Success Star

Career and Technical Education (CTE) gives high school students the chance to get a head start on preparing for a technical education career.  Former Orange County High School student Madeline Wilson was featured in 2019 by the Virginia Department of Education as a CTE Career Success Star.

Madeline was an outstanding field hockey player at Orange County High School (class of 2008) and continued playing field hockey for four years at Sweet Brier College.  Madeline was an engineering major at Sweet Brier (class of 2012).  She also served as senior class treasurer, president of Falls on Nose and vice president of the Engineering Club.