Our   Software   Services

Personal Computer and Local Area Networks

Custom Computer Software's services range from simple software/hardware solutions to custom information systems.  Our specialty is developing Linux or Windows based applications written in C or C++.   The source code is cross compatible and can function on any web server that will accept a compiled C script.  Because the source code is compiled, it provides additional protection for your organizations' intellectual property.

Internet and Intranet Software

Custom Computer Software's specialty is web based applications and compiled scripts that run on your website.  We can develop software for Linux or Windows based web servers.  These mid tier programs written in C/C++ permit the scripts to interact with clients by use of a web browser.  Using a compiled script improves performance and also provides additional security for your data transactions. 

Website Management

Let Custom Computer Software manage your web site.  Websites require constant updates.  We will work with your current web hosting service or we can find a new one for you.  As an independent contractor, our only goal is your complete satisfaction.